Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I'm seriously intching for Fo's hair(ANTM Cycle 12)!!! I love how short and edgy it is, I also love how versatile it is because although it's short, the top is full...BANGIN! Yes, I'm pretty sure I'm printing out this picture and taking it to the salon, chocolate brown perhaps???


In other news, has anyone been watching ANTM lately??? I loved Fo once upon a time; I loved her unique look but lately she's really fallen off the wagon. Fo cries all the time and she has a very young demeanor, as cute as she is, she's simply not strong enough for this competition; love her hair though ;)))

Saturday, April 25, 2009


YUM- Cheetah print is definitely the legwear equivalent of true love. One can never be mundane in cheetah print, it's like pimp juice in fabric form, no??? Especially when it's red cheetah print because you know red is a turned up color in itself.



Everytime someone asks meeh to describe my personal style I suddenly become afflicted with a cocktail of Tourette's syndrome and chronic stuttering due to the fact that I can't describe it; it's like describing how water tastes, you know??? How the hell do you do that??? My point exactly...I can, however, throw some adjectives at you:

Different. Eccentric. Bold. Daring. Fun. Distinctive...basically, I'm into keeping it interesting. I have suuuper beef with 'simple' a matter of fact, simplicity is my kryptonite: KEEP OUT!!!


(jacket-bitten by sjp, white tee-kohls, cheetah print skinnies (distressed by meee)- rave, boots- tiomberlands, belt- gift???, sunnies- wet seal )

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Dont Subscribe to any Label

I know I'm a little late on the Young Hollywood issue of Nylon (blame the amazing bloggers for my sudden mag buying hiatus ;))) but I finally got it today- the punchy, bright colors of the cover sold meeh; not to mention- I let out a small gasp of pleasure when I noticed Kat Dennings was one of the cover girls, loves her!!! She has such a unique, interesting face and a mystery about her that makes you want to get to know her better. I also love the fact that she's not toothpick thin and she revels in it: breath of fresh air!

I loved Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, I found it interestingly inspirational; the whole mucho music vibe- I was def. feeling it ;))) Michael Cera (loooove) had me wanting to put away my IPOD in exchange for some self decorated, burned CDs...then the movie was over and my senses slowly crept back ;p ha, that was close

Favorite quotes from Nick and Norah:
"I love you so much, it's retarted!"
"I don't subscribe to any label" Photobucket
Ahem, Tyra- this is what fierce looks like Dahling

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cos' He Rules!

I'm one of those girls that like boy things. Growing up with only a brother, five male cousins and all their male friends- roughhousing, video games, and superheros were everyday life; I believe that plays a role in my personal style. It even fueled one of my most important fashion rules (yes huh, there are rules :p) it is:
"If you're going to flash skin, do so in a tasteful manner. When wearing a mini skirt, pair it with a shirt that provides moderate coverage; same applys when wearing smallish, clevage baring tops, your bottom piece should not be overly form fitting or exposing a large amount of leg. Choose one showpiece part to display and be more modest on the other. Blantantly, you'll never have to worry about looking like a slut."


"...Dannie wears sooo many cartoons"- Blame the boys. Spiderman- LOVES IT!!! Peter Parker is the BEST; unassuming, boyish and geeky hot, yum. Not to mention, Spiderman could give the business to any superhero out there...


(jacket-bitten, shirt-alley, skinnies-alley, hi top chuck taylors, bandanna- dollar store, avis- alley, earrings- dollar store, bottle- dollar store)

Another one of my fashion rules, or maybe even my fashion motto is- "Style can not be bought." Don't buy the four hundred dollar item, buy the fourteen dollar one and make it look five hundred dollars instead!" I absolutely love creativity, it's the basis of who I am, so when I find D.I.Y items that are bangin' to the point of amazement it moves me in a way something manufactured couldn't.


Amazing. Must have. Will have.

P.S- has anyone used Webidz for internet shopping before? Legit?


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jesus Freak

I LOOOOOOOVE Hello Kitty, with all my heart (FA-NA-TIC for reeeeal) I enjoy browsing the web and finding kooky, random merchandise (lawnmowers, rims, and even homes)...I think my obsession started around the age of five or so when I got my first HK sticker book in an Easter basket, it was love at first sight! One thing though, that I could never get is a Hello Kitty tattoo, it just seems a little crazy to me to actually have a cartoon permanently tatooed on my bod; too fanatical. But there was one that freaked me out, I was actually offended. I can't even imagine how the commited (should be commited???) fan requested such a thing. "Uh, yeah, I want a tattoo of Jesus, no, not that guy that died for our sins, pssh, Hello Kitty duh!" I would've been like "Nah, step away from the chair, and the cat, and uh...the crazy pills while you're at it."



Saturday, April 18, 2009

Chic Dreams

Sleep masks are a necessity...I own about five and I have to have one on in order to sleep comfortably; there have even been times where I've been forced to resort to one of my dad's old tube socks in order to recieve the proper shut eye.
As we know, Holly Golightly is the epitome of all that is classy, sophisticated, and effortlessly chic- what better way to get your REM on than in the glam sleep mask Miss Hepburn sported in Breakfast at Tiffany's??? And while this one is definitely gorgeous, it really seems as simple as a few bucks and a D.I.Y, yes??? We will see...


Chic Dreams <3

Grunge Lunge

As I have previously stated, I am/was currently infatuated with grunge (I'm slowly making my way into brights as of late, due to the sudden amazing weather change :DDDD) Don't you love those times when the weather is either really hot or in the case of this outfit, really freakin' cold and you wear the exact, perfect amount of layers and you're sooo comfortable??? This was one of those times and as I stood in the parking lot, hair blowing wildly in the wind, yet warm as hot chocolate, I silently thanked God for thick knits; yeesss!!!



Nevertheless, as much as I love to be bundled in warmth; I am SOOO happy it's over ::currently welcoming S(s?)pring with open arms:: Honestly, you have no idea! I have this issue (a.k.a anemia) where in cold weather I freeeeze, like chilled-to-the-bone freeze; and sooo when I stepped outside this morning to walk Dolce and was greeted with extreme warmth I had to bust out a little happy dance on the porch- the next door neighbor stared at me like I was a strange-ling as he loaded his eight kids into the mini van, he's freakin' octo-pop and he thinks I'm the one with issues???


(jacket-vintage, sweater dress-bitten, belt-gift, tights-target, boots-timberland, bag-h&m, armwarmer-f21, sunnies- f21, earrings- hot topic)Photobucket

Monday, April 13, 2009

..till the end


only plus of being on my deathbed: friends- never gets old; purchasing all 10 seasons on dvd was a great investment. currently watching "the one when with the break"...even though i know ross and rachel will eventually get back together it doesn't lessen the intensity/intrigue/uncontrollabe laughter at all...although laughing this hard in my current state makes me sound like an old, chain smoking ex mobster.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

please say tha baby...

"...yes, im the best
and no i ain't positive, im definite
i know the game like im reffin' it..."
-"I'm Me", Lil' Wayne
This may sound silly to some but I revel in the fact that not only was Lil' Wayne the first rapper I ever listened to (before that I was all about Spice Girls, Hanson, and BSB-howiiiie yowiiiiie ;) ) but 'Tha Block is Hot' was the first cd I ever purchased, way back in 11/02/1999 (ironically, mi cumpleanos ;)))) However, how annoying is it when something you've authentically cared about since day one becomes a mindless trend; and all of a sudden people who never before cared anything about something before, are absolutely obsessed with it? Doesn't it even kind of make you not want to like it, or publicly declare that you were an orignal fan from the start??? Before the wannabes came in and murdered it...grrr...
I kinda love Hot Topic...a couple of my current favorite pieces were purchased there. When I went in the other day and saw this shirt though, I was so excited! I had always resented that you had to be a fan of The Clash, Strokes, or Nirvana in order to score a t-shirt reppin' your favorite band/artist. However, everything changed that faithful day, and to add the cherry to the already amazing sundae- the shirt was bright and feminine- neon colors, perfect for the upcoming season, haha- a match made in hip hop heaven! In addition, although I could never date Mister Weezy F, having him all over my body quiets the internal, that was a little much-
...blame hip hop.
His metaphors and clever word play slay meeh. His originality.. The way his odd, other wordly, yet intelligent sense of humor drips onto the track with eccentric perfection...yuuum-
please say tha baby..

Sunday, April 5, 2009

starry night

(beret that is now gone- :(((- ella bella, faux leather jacket- bitten by sjp, v neck blouse- wet seal, skirt- johnathan saunders for target, tights- wal mart, boots- vintage)
Went to the movies with a prospective boyfriend canidate [whom was dropped from the runnning soon thereafter]. It has always boggled my mind as to why people get so dressed up to go sit in the dark for two hours... This skirt reminds me of a painting, a mosaic of sorts. Although the picture failed to convey the piece in all it's brightness, the colors are vibrant and gorgeous; and of course, there's that jacket again- at this rate I might as well start sleeping in it.

Friday, April 3, 2009

if i was a boy...

Not having a camera is like breathing through a machine, you can get by but IT SUCKS-BAD. It's gotten to the point where I'm seriously considering selling an organ or two in order to get a new one (exactly how many lungs/kidneys do we actually need???) Yes, a webcam is great for chatting with friends or acting silly on YouTube, but when it comes to documenting outfits I give it a big fat D (for da lamest). Yes, it's do-able but the pictures come out so crap that you almost don't even want to, you know??? I apoligise for the grainy, dark, poor quality; I promise I looked much better in person, one of those you-had-to-be-there type thingees...

I got this sweater at Steve & Barrys (aka-ocassional goldmine) and I've wore it once before- super geeked out with khaki Dickies, wide rimmed faux eyeglasses, and lace socks (will post eventually :}). This sweater is sooo soft and light like you wouldn't believe, it's so comfortable I almost want to wear it shirtless, not sure how that'll look though- will look into it. Due to the fact that I've been having a serious love fest with grunge for the past few months or so I decided it'd be both fun and comfy to pair the olive, v neck sweater with my favorite pair of skinnies and my ultimate comfort zoners (aka Chux). This combination created a newfound favorite casual outfit! What's so weird is that a few people were like "You look really dressed up today!" "Wow, I've never seen you look so conservative!" Being that I was wearing skinnies and chux (granted there was a tie and a collared shirt included) I didn't know what to make of these, comments???

My friend said I look like a Jonas brother... PhotobucketPhotobucket
(blazer-worthington. button up-rave, v neck sweater- steve&barrys, skinnies-downtown la, chuck taylors)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Here Kitty Kitty

yet another reason to love katy perry (more to come)
oh, and I'd soooo rock tha heck outta that corset with a black tutu and shredded black tights :)))) a matter of fact, where can I get one???
pc:insider. photology