Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I'm seriously intching for Fo's hair(ANTM Cycle 12)!!! I love how short and edgy it is, I also love how versatile it is because although it's short, the top is full...BANGIN! Yes, I'm pretty sure I'm printing out this picture and taking it to the salon, chocolate brown perhaps???


In other news, has anyone been watching ANTM lately??? I loved Fo once upon a time; I loved her unique look but lately she's really fallen off the wagon. Fo cries all the time and she has a very young demeanor, as cute as she is, she's simply not strong enough for this competition; love her hair though ;)))


Bucca said...

I wish I could pull off super short hair but my head and face are too big :(

would suit you though - choc brown or like a rusty/ vibrant copper colour maybe?

Hannah said...

Ha, I felt the exact same way about Fo - I got super pissed at her for crying about her AMAZING HOT GORGEOUS haircut and she never won me back.

Anonymous said...

yea you should do it, anything would be better than that matted nest you have on top of your head