Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back to the Future

Does the weather of a season always tend to remind you of that of the previous year??? Yeah, it does for meeh too. Waking up to the same breezy sunshine; my many shades of pink, silver encrusted curtains casting a bright, florescent hue to my entire room...a satisfying sense of deja vu washes over me.
Last spring I was all about 'hippie' style, i.e: peace sign everything, flowy this, oversized that, scarves as headbands, the whole she-bang. I remember it just feeling right. The weather, the clothing- accentuated my casual, laid back, sleepily happy, spring like persona perfectly!

And with all the recent ravenous talk of Balmain's rock 'n roll inspired spring runway, methinks this season's trend is slowly but surely reverting once again back to the days of hazy euphoria and contented bliss, dancing under the stars and partying like it's 1982. I'm excited to buy a big bottle of Clorox bleach and reincarnate some of my old favorites into new favorites with the help of a good seam ripper, a bathtub of bleach, and my trusty fabric shears.

Currently feeling: pale colored hoodies, acid wash, distressed denim, nuetrals (x1000-sooo yum right now), low top sneakers, long stretch v necks, simple, midriff bearing tanks, sheer, flowy sundresses, understated florals, and sun bleached, wavy locks...

I've dug up a few looks from this time last year when I would've given anything for a vintage record player, a beautiful glass bong, and a road trip to nowhere, dippin' in one of these; I'm dying to buy one btw ;)))

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