Saturday, April 18, 2009

Grunge Lunge

As I have previously stated, I am/was currently infatuated with grunge (I'm slowly making my way into brights as of late, due to the sudden amazing weather change :DDDD) Don't you love those times when the weather is either really hot or in the case of this outfit, really freakin' cold and you wear the exact, perfect amount of layers and you're sooo comfortable??? This was one of those times and as I stood in the parking lot, hair blowing wildly in the wind, yet warm as hot chocolate, I silently thanked God for thick knits; yeesss!!!



Nevertheless, as much as I love to be bundled in warmth; I am SOOO happy it's over ::currently welcoming S(s?)pring with open arms:: Honestly, you have no idea! I have this issue (a.k.a anemia) where in cold weather I freeeeze, like chilled-to-the-bone freeze; and sooo when I stepped outside this morning to walk Dolce and was greeted with extreme warmth I had to bust out a little happy dance on the porch- the next door neighbor stared at me like I was a strange-ling as he loaded his eight kids into the mini van, he's freakin' octo-pop and he thinks I'm the one with issues???


(jacket-vintage, sweater dress-bitten, belt-gift, tights-target, boots-timberland, bag-h&m, armwarmer-f21, sunnies- f21, earrings- hot topic)Photobucket


Anonymous said...

i love that youre wearing tims!

Nika said...

love the entire look!

*Dith* said...

love this fit, ur blog header is hot