Friday, April 3, 2009

if i was a boy...

Not having a camera is like breathing through a machine, you can get by but IT SUCKS-BAD. It's gotten to the point where I'm seriously considering selling an organ or two in order to get a new one (exactly how many lungs/kidneys do we actually need???) Yes, a webcam is great for chatting with friends or acting silly on YouTube, but when it comes to documenting outfits I give it a big fat D (for da lamest). Yes, it's do-able but the pictures come out so crap that you almost don't even want to, you know??? I apoligise for the grainy, dark, poor quality; I promise I looked much better in person, one of those you-had-to-be-there type thingees...

I got this sweater at Steve & Barrys (aka-ocassional goldmine) and I've wore it once before- super geeked out with khaki Dickies, wide rimmed faux eyeglasses, and lace socks (will post eventually :}). This sweater is sooo soft and light like you wouldn't believe, it's so comfortable I almost want to wear it shirtless, not sure how that'll look though- will look into it. Due to the fact that I've been having a serious love fest with grunge for the past few months or so I decided it'd be both fun and comfy to pair the olive, v neck sweater with my favorite pair of skinnies and my ultimate comfort zoners (aka Chux). This combination created a newfound favorite casual outfit! What's so weird is that a few people were like "You look really dressed up today!" "Wow, I've never seen you look so conservative!" Being that I was wearing skinnies and chux (granted there was a tie and a collared shirt included) I didn't know what to make of these, comments???

My friend said I look like a Jonas brother... PhotobucketPhotobucket
(blazer-worthington. button up-rave, v neck sweater- steve&barrys, skinnies-downtown la, chuck taylors)

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