Thursday, April 9, 2009

please say tha baby...

"...yes, im the best
and no i ain't positive, im definite
i know the game like im reffin' it..."
-"I'm Me", Lil' Wayne
This may sound silly to some but I revel in the fact that not only was Lil' Wayne the first rapper I ever listened to (before that I was all about Spice Girls, Hanson, and BSB-howiiiie yowiiiiie ;) ) but 'Tha Block is Hot' was the first cd I ever purchased, way back in 11/02/1999 (ironically, mi cumpleanos ;)))) However, how annoying is it when something you've authentically cared about since day one becomes a mindless trend; and all of a sudden people who never before cared anything about something before, are absolutely obsessed with it? Doesn't it even kind of make you not want to like it, or publicly declare that you were an orignal fan from the start??? Before the wannabes came in and murdered it...grrr...
I kinda love Hot Topic...a couple of my current favorite pieces were purchased there. When I went in the other day and saw this shirt though, I was so excited! I had always resented that you had to be a fan of The Clash, Strokes, or Nirvana in order to score a t-shirt reppin' your favorite band/artist. However, everything changed that faithful day, and to add the cherry to the already amazing sundae- the shirt was bright and feminine- neon colors, perfect for the upcoming season, haha- a match made in hip hop heaven! In addition, although I could never date Mister Weezy F, having him all over my body quiets the internal, that was a little much-
...blame hip hop.
His metaphors and clever word play slay meeh. His originality.. The way his odd, other wordly, yet intelligent sense of humor drips onto the track with eccentric perfection...yuuum-
please say tha baby..

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