Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cos' He Rules!

I'm one of those girls that like boy things. Growing up with only a brother, five male cousins and all their male friends- roughhousing, video games, and superheros were everyday life; I believe that plays a role in my personal style. It even fueled one of my most important fashion rules (yes huh, there are rules :p) it is:
"If you're going to flash skin, do so in a tasteful manner. When wearing a mini skirt, pair it with a shirt that provides moderate coverage; same applys when wearing smallish, clevage baring tops, your bottom piece should not be overly form fitting or exposing a large amount of leg. Choose one showpiece part to display and be more modest on the other. Blantantly, you'll never have to worry about looking like a slut."


"...Dannie wears sooo many cartoons"- Blame the boys. Spiderman- LOVES IT!!! Peter Parker is the BEST; unassuming, boyish and geeky hot, yum. Not to mention, Spiderman could give the business to any superhero out there...


(jacket-bitten, shirt-alley, skinnies-alley, hi top chuck taylors, bandanna- dollar store, avis- alley, earrings- dollar store, bottle- dollar store)

Another one of my fashion rules, or maybe even my fashion motto is- "Style can not be bought." Don't buy the four hundred dollar item, buy the fourteen dollar one and make it look five hundred dollars instead!" I absolutely love creativity, it's the basis of who I am, so when I find D.I.Y items that are bangin' to the point of amazement it moves me in a way something manufactured couldn't.


Amazing. Must have. Will have.

P.S- has anyone used Webidz for internet shopping before? Legit?



Anonymous said...

i love the tied up banana in your hair, very 50s badass, im gonna have to try that

Wilbs said...

the top OR bottom rule! lover it.

LeJournaldeChrys said...

Très beau blouson!!!

Sylvia Jade T. said...

the jacket is LOVE .

Bucca said...

That's a good rule - I use the same one.
I like this look your hair looks great.

Can I add you to my blogroll?

Style Copycat said...

Love the way you wear that scarf in your head!