Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Overall of It

Would you be more interested in my look if I told you these overalls were by Marc Jacobs and this top was by Celine? Because they are...not.

I've had these overalls since my teenage years, and they're from Wal Mart. They used to be long but I cut them during a Nicole Richie style inspiration moment, she had some around shin length. 

Being that these overalls span from over a decade ago, they were not purchased under the ever changing guise of being "in style", which makes me smile because I already knew they were cool. I also have to kind of roll my eyes because until the biggest fashion magazines okayed it, no one else did. 

This top is from Forever 21. I love the romantic, elusive sleeves and the thin splay of black and white slipped into the grey overture. Forever 21 gets a lot of hate but whether it works for you or not is dependent upon personal clothing values.

This look was really comfortable. I think I just did something boring like grocery shop or something this day. But then again, food is amazing, so it was cool.
 photo IMG_4750.jpg photo IMG_4838.jpg
 photo IMG_4790.jpg photo IMG_4781.jpg

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