Thursday, December 3, 2015

Repeat & Refresh

Why is it that what is old always tends to be what is up? Vintage is so much more appreciated than new things. It goes for music, materials, and of course style. Why does it take decades for quality content to be recognized as such?

I am very grateful for oldies, in every respect, though music especially. It seems like this generations' focus is demoralization. Back in my day (no seriously) we didn't have profanity in our pop music and there were not parental advisory labels on basically every single song outside of Kidz Bop. Looking around at what's currently trending: profanity laced everything, barely wearing anything, I feel ostracized from a young, vibrant, fresh community I once enjoyed. That freshness has been replaced with foulness and it's like I have to reach backward, into old music/movies/style in order to even participate in mainstream art at all. It's a true trip, Man.

Anyways, I love wine; both the drink and these leggings. They're velvet and I love how comfortable they are without being overly casual. I used to think of wine as an old color because I think my grandma had a Volvo that color or something, but these days it feels hip, chic, and classic.

I try not to wear my Docs with absolutely everything but they're seamlessness and instant spruce up of any outfit make it almost impossible. Before I even got these boots I knew I'd wear them like a Doc Marten minion and I was right, they just add the right amount of edge to everything. I'm very quantity over quality when it comes to clothing due to my mantra of simply creating art through style, nothing more, so I'm really happy to even have these boots because in reality they're a little out of my usual price range; some pieces just leave you with no choice though.

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