Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hello KItty Con

Can I say that Hello Kitty Con was "the cat's pajamas" or would that be too cheesy? Also, it might be an understatement.

Last week The first ever Hello Kitty convention was in LA. Tickets sold out two weeks before the event even began. I was invited to attend the media preview the day before it opened to the public.

It was important to be strategic in my outfit decision because there's a thin line between kawaii and costume. I decided to keep things chill and just wear a hat, tee, and Docs so that I could feel more like me and less like an anime character. But my friend did do a cat eyeliner look on me because duh, Hello Kitty.
 photo IMG_3972.jpg photo IMG_3986.jpg

Before even entering the arena there was so much to see. There was a full bar, completely stocked with Hello Kitty branded liqueur, and a menu featuring cute Kitty themed drinks. Everyone was wearing Hello Kitty everything and the energy was really exciting and fun. The speakers played really good House music too.  
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Every area of the convention was photographable, with several different themes varying throughout.

The vintage Hello Kitty instillation, featured the very first Hello Kitty item, the now classic coin purse. The art gallery was great, it was so cool to see the different artists' interpretations of Hello Kitty and adhering characters. Then there was the fashion instillation. It. was. amazing. Like, literally. The pieces were so beautifully constructed, deeply detailed, and flawless in execution. The collection was called Lovely Kitty Wonder, and featured live models that looked like beautiful dolls.
 photo IMG_4037.jpg photo IMG_4040.jpg
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There was a tattoo parlor that offered free, real HK tattoos. With five sheets of art to choose from, some were very tempting. But I stuck with the temporary ones being handed out, which I fully plan on giving myself a half sleeve with.
 photo IMG_4007.jpg photo IMG_4005.jpg
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 photo IMG_4035.jpg photo IMG_4034.jpg
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All of the installments and features were detailed and inspiring. There was a home with every room furnished completely in Hello Kitty, like everything from the kitchen rug to the waste basket next to the also Hello Kitty laptop. Then Hello Kitty came out for a super adorable, upbeat dance routine and took a bunch of photos with everyone. 

The entire event was a complete blast. There was so much souvenir type items like, pins, ruffle edged balloons, and abstract postcards. I feel even more like a Hello Kitty fan now, which I didn't think was actually possible.

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