Saturday, October 4, 2014

Over All the Place

Comfy clothing is my wearable mantra. With Zumba, school, and everything in between, it's nice when your personal style can just fit seamlessly into your life without it having to be another thing to figure out. 

These even more casual take on overalls are from Forever 21. I know, I know, but I can deal with Forever 21 because I get dressed for fun, not flair; and it's awesome to be able to save a little money along the way. 

I'm thinking the actual name for these are coveralls, because they cover, well, mostly everything. But that sounds kind of cheesy so let's just go with "one piece." 

Honestly I lived in these things on and off for a good week. Well, considering I wore the same thing at least three out of seven days, I'm not really sure how good of a week that actually was. But you know when you're wearing something pretty chill but the only people who really see you are your strange next door neighbor while taking out the trash or the bank teller when you're making a quick deposit? On days like that, especially when you feel really good and comfy in your outfit, I believe it's totally okay to "wear peat." 

I made that word up but you totally know what I mean though.

Oh and peep this bag! I'm finally using the sewing machine I got about, oh, 10 years ago; so far so good. 
 photo IMG_3363.jpg photo IMG_33852.jpg
 photo IMG_3360.jpg

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