Monday, September 15, 2014

When Black is Best

In these busy, dance filled days there are only a few occasions that can get me to wear something outside of total comfort clothing and Chuck Taylors. But in moments when I feel like utilizing more than the non casual side of my closet, a dress will sometimes make an appearance.This knee grazing, Breakfast at Tiffany's reminiscent dress from Zara was worn to a summer wedding. It is naturally a bit formal for my personal style, but its front pockets eased my casualness craving mind. 

Would it be shameful if I admitted getting these gloves at a Japanese dollar store? I was so excited to discover them there that I bought two pairs just to be sure I wasn't dreaming. 

This blush colored vest has been a favorite for a while; it's always great when a rather eccentric item turns out to be timeless. All that is missing is a succulent glass of wine, preferably from

 photo IMG_2693-1.jpg photo IMG_2712.jpg
 photo IMG_2702.jpg photo IMG_2699-1.jpg

I wore this dress on one of those nights where we had so much fun we, gasp, forgot to take photos. But I didn't want to just not capture the dress so it ended up happening much later, post late night festivities. 

I hope you can still grasp the idea of how simplistically beautiful this piece is. The sheer midriff panel and the netted floral detailing toward the hem make it absolutely intriguing.

 photo IMG_2593.jpg photo IMG_2598.jpg


Jeni Fisher said...

I used to read your blogs years ago thanks to Bloglovin, and have just discovered it again :) I particularly love the third photo,where the sun is catching your necklace!

Dawn Nix said...

That's a modern-day Audrey Hepburn extravaganza!!!