Friday, October 17, 2014

Beauty Bits

I've been wanting to do a beauty post for a while because its been ages and mine is really simple yet effective. I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle in every aspect of my life, I lost 50 pounds about six years ago, and I've found that the most basic things can be really beneficial. 

I'm not a fancy chick. I'm kind of a tomboy these days and I'm always dancing, so I just like to do everything in the most beneficial and practical way possible. I don't wear makeup, my skin's really clear basically because of everything listed below. I accidentally left out the Trader Joe's honey soap I use. It's all natural, smells great, and it's gentle on the skin. 

Kale- Everyone talks about kale, it's definitely the trendiest of all vegetables. For me, it's hard to get enormous amounts of veggies in during the day so I usually have a small trough's worth once I get home in the evening to make up for it. I just have it straight up, no seasonings or additions; though there are a bunch of interesting options.

Because of all the antioxidants and different vitamins, like A, C, E, plus its natural detoxing benefits, if you're going to eat one vegetable, kale is it.

Water- is pretty much the answer to everything. It boosts your metabolism, detoxifies your system, and helps everything digest smoother so you'll feel light and energized instead of weighed down and groggy after eating.

As a dance instructor, I drink about a gallon of water a day. It keeps me consistently hydrated and stabilizes my endurance while dancing. 

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EOS Balm- I'm pretty much down for any natural lip moisturizer and I love how cute this is. I don't have to reapply it too often and it lasts for a good while. 

I should probably also admit that the trend factor of this balm also played a role  in my interest. Booo to media backed marketing.

St. Ive's LotionIf you're not using a natural moisturizer, it could clog your pores, actually strip moisture from your body, and possibly cause a breakout from artificial ingredients. This lotion has 100% natural moisturizers.

While I respect Victoria's Secret Potions and all those other deliciously scented additive including beauty products, it has to be completely natural if you're going to slather it all over your body. I usually get Vitamin E because of the vitamin aspect, but there a lot of great ones. 

Zumba- Everyone should be sweating at least five hours a week, and getting it in by way of dancing is really effective and a lot of fun. 

I love dancing, and I teach it every day through Zumba. Other than God, it's what makes me feel alive, excited, and free. It also really tightens the body and gets rid of the annoying flabby bits. 

Apples- they have so much fiber and a variety of flavors and textures. They lower your cholesterol, decrease cancer risk, and provide many other essential benefits. That's where that whole "one a day keeps the doctor away" came from, they're basically multivitamins. 

I usually have two a day. One goes in my smoothie in the morning and I eat the other as a pre-workout (energy booster) before teaching my evening Zumba class.

Sea Breeze Astringent- This is what I use to clean my face after showers. It's gentle and leaves your face feeling so fresh and so clean, clean afterward. 

Equate Facial Moisturizer- Yeah, I know Equate is a Wal Mart brand but that's part of what makes it awesome. It works so well, it's easily accessible, and very chill in price. 

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