Thursday, July 31, 2014

Because I'm Happy

Apparently I decided to be 10 today, hahaha.

The day just felt bright and sunny, and I felt full of energy so this is what happened. If you've been following this blog for the four plus years it's been around then you're familiar with my severe affection for all things Hello Kitty related. Also, if you've been reading that long, I love you and you should contact me because I'm always in the market for creative, free spirited friends; that brand of human seems to be in severely short supply. Hmm.. 

I really struggle with the belief that as we age we become too old for things. I mean temper tantrums and candy for every meal were never okay in the first place, but when people start to slap on labels and limits, it stunts our ability to live freely. 

When you become a certain age and you want to go on the swings at the park but tell yourself you're too old, you're inadvertently shaming your self conscious, distancing you from your true spirit and subconsciously training your mind to behave within strict, rigid, and often baseless society governed guidelines.

Often times, people get so caught up in being accepted by others, they fail to realize they're not accepting themselves in the process.

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