Sunday, August 3, 2014

Rain Right Now

Doesn't this outfit just outright scream SUMMER? Heh, yeah, no. I guess since the Antelope Valley has been about 200 degrees for the past couple months or so, the weather was finally kind enough to take a chill pill.

I love this plaid jumper, it reminds me of my childhood when my mum actually dressed me like this. I love its simplicity and inherent sweetness. However, just by the addition of the undisputed champ that is Doc Martens, a little bit of grunge snuck its way in as well.

I love sweet, classic pieces, unstained by the modern world. Knee socks and a simple plaid jumper feel good and refreshing in the midst of all the typical, tattered, text covered pieces that are currently on trend. It's nice wearing something not tied to the current stream of fashion consciousness. 

The knee socks, much like 60% of my wardrobe are from Forever 21 (blame it on my 3 years of employment). A lot of people hate on Forever 21 because their clothes are made cheaply. I guess it really depends on what you look for in clothing. In all unashamed honesty, cheap is a favorite feature of mine when it comes to wardrobe shopping because the pieces are usually kind of kitschy and you can easily buy them again once the lint balls really become apparent. 

In clothing I really value originality, versatility, and comfortability; I'm rather flexible on quality, depending on the piece. It comes down to owning your style, confidence adds about a hundred dollars or so to any look.

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