Friday, May 30, 2014

This is normcore

Honestly, I can't help but laugh. There is literally a new fashion trend based on not following fashion trends. Normcore, which I've heard described as hardcore normal people. Hmm, someone up there is running out of ideas, no? Just because a certain look is not all over the runways or filling the manufactured streets of LA does not make it any less cool; it actually makes it cooler. So I guess the wardrobe expressionist elite are suddenly realizing this and subsequently taking a crap all over it. If Normcore means dressing the way you want despite the notoriously overpriced, unoriginally inspired, often try hard trends of the fashion world then I'd have to say I've been a fan before the club even existed.

It always seemed like a serious contradiction to me, fashion trends representing personal style. It is similar to all the goths and supposed freaks in high school that were supposedly so different, yet all dressed the same.

I say it so much it will probably be on my tombstone, but personal style is supposed to be personal, not redundant in the form of all the cool peeps that run this oh so coveted world of fashion looking like different adaptions of the same novel.

You know, I actually thought about Photoshopping this photo because of my lower stomach. But then I laughed because I don't know how to use Photoshop, I never edit my photos in any way, shape or form because I don't know how, and also, that'd just be weird. As we nitpick at all our supposed flaws, we don't register in the fact that most of the people all over magazines and other media look a lot more like us than it seems. Did you see the Huffington Post article about the biggest Photoshop bloopers major corporations committed in attempt to create thigh gaps, Barbie waists, and toothpick arms? I loved it because it affirms what we all need to realize, and that is that we're all human, meaning we're all imperfect. Let's just all be imperfect together, it'll lighten the load, and likely lessen the eating disorders.

In other news, my afros' back! I think I like it better than other hairstyles because it's freeing. This may sound really cheesy but I feel more in touch with myself when donning my natural hair, though for some reason, I get a lot of attention for it.

These bootcut jeans (oh my gosh, I'm wearing jeans!) are from The Gap, but I actually got them thrifting in San Fran. This little crop top is from Forever 21. I often wonder about the whole crop top thing. Because of wear it stops, your lower stomach (the most problematic problem area) is on full blast, like who, other than the bourgeois of body composition can get away with this? I must have felt pretty slim the day of purchase. Either way, I just shrugged and put it on, I mean Normocore is in, right?

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