Tuesday, May 20, 2014

After Dark

Have you ever noticed how night time makes you different? How when the sun has set, and the lights are lit, a distinctive sort of light seems to burn within you? The best parties, the most romantic kisses, the moments only you and your journal will ever talk about seem to often take place under the stars. What is it about the energy of the night that brings about sleek, sleuth, and sultry excitement that often seems unattainable amidst hours of the sun?

I cut my hair one night. Leaving the shower, I looked in the mirror at the little wispy Morrisey esque thing my head had going on and decided it was boring now. I ran to my room, grabbed my fabric scissors and just cut. About an hour before a date with my boyfriend, completely unskilled, and totally on a whim, I cut my hair.

Before this three minute transformation, I didn't have the slightest idea of what I would be wearing that night. I kept thinking about what outfit would look good with sushi, though that automatically brought to mind a kimono, or a loose shirt dress suitable for stuffing myself with rice and raw fish. But standing in the mirror with my new cut, the look suddenly came to me. I love when that happens.

I'm not officially sure how to describe what I wore that night other than I felt mysterious, I felt powerful, and I felt hot. The see through shimmery top was an impulse buy, like pretty much all my buys and I just loved the inherent fun it exuded. I'll probably wear it again later with a cool sports bra/bralette. I love these leggings because the red plaid x's add panache to an other wise basic piece. Oh, and I went by Jane that night instead of Dannie. 

And like the dawn of day often does, the next morning brought me to my senses and I changed my hair again.  

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