Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Whatever Forever

It's May, so flowers are in order right?

These tights, these tights! They remind me of vintage wallpaper in one of those creepy, old movies where the little girl's bedroom is supposed to be the epitome of preciousness but is actually really eeiry. Like where everything is mostly pastel colored, Victorian porcelain dolls line the never dusted shelves, and a rusty old trunk in the corner that should contain toys is probably filled with great-great grandmother's old bones.

Maybe that's why I wore my brother's Alice in Chains shirt, to add a grungy element to an otherwise eeirly pretty ensemble. But then again I say that about all my outfits. Admittedly, I don't really know very much about Alice in Chains, and I kind of hate to be one of those superficially "down" people that wear band tees and don't even know if Alice is like a chick or why she's wrapped up in chains in the first place. But there's just this cool, effortlessness about band tees that seem to just pull together an outfit in ways a blouse never could. 

Both the skirt and tights are from Forever 21; and so is the princess necklace. I call it a princess necklace because of the pretty little chandelier they kind of make your neck into. I kind of have monikers for all my pieces. Being that I'm not much (as in not at all) of a designer donning, label layering chick, I don't differentiate things by Adam Wang last spring or Isabel Marant circa '09, rather I create titles based on the feel I get from the clothing; ..keeps me inspired.

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