Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Raindrops and Reflections

What is it about the rain that breeds reflection, reminisce, and thoughts of life renovation? Maybe it's that everything is all wet and annoying so we're not rushing around as often as usual. Maybe it's the slowing down required to avoid potholes turned enormous puddles. Maybe it is because the sky is dark and cloudy, forcing us to reach within ourselves for that promising, light hearted sunshine that we've come to so breezily rely upon.

I've been thinking a lot about time, how fast it goes. As the years progress, the speed in which time elapses seems to increase. I suppose this is because as we age, our responsibilities grow with us. Suddenly the billion hour days between our birthdays, Christmas, and our favorite cartoons seem to have shrunk into maybe six hours per day instead, with each minute passing in a way that feels more like a second. Things like how to most productively spend our limited amounts of time and knowing when it is okay to let some of that time be recreational, are thoughts that, while important, seem to take up a lot of time within themselves. 

These are not musings that often creep up on days filled with sun filled skies and laughing children rolling in warm grass. It is only when the day takes on a dimmer filter, and the sound of the rain serves as a poignant soundtrack, that we stop and realize that life is beautiful, time is temporary and we must revel even in the rain. 

Good thing Doc Martens are waterproof.

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