Monday, March 17, 2014


Sometimes a dress can make you feel beautiful.

 It is in the effortlessness of its sway. It is the feminine details of its layers and lace, revealing a grace in you that you weren't aware existed. A dress reminds you of who you are. As you look in the mirror in a garment reserved only for your kind, the softness of its material become your softness, its delicate details bring to light your delicacy. You feel like a real girl, but not in a cheesy, damsel sort of way. You feel like the girl you've always known was there, the capable, strong, loving being you try so hard to convey.

A dress is a superhero cape; your inner powers are intact and confidence in place. There is a happiness that can't be put into words but is evident. Your walk is actually more of a skip. Smoothing it over before you sit down, carefully crossing a leg over the other, a dress brings out femininity in an ethereal way. It shines a light on the mild mannerisms of a woman and celebrates them, proving their intrigue and worth.

Dresses remind us of our beauty. Our light, our spirit, our heart becomes lost under the demands and constant consistence of life's continuity. But a dress brings us back to ourselves. The girly way you automatically stand, the subconscious beauty of brushing your hair off your exposed shoulder, the accent of your form as your hands rest on your hips. A dress is a pause. It forces life to finally wait for you for a moment, to take you in and appreciate all that you encompass.  

A dress is a lovely vase containing a beautiful flower. You are that flower.

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