Thursday, May 15, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Thankful Edition

So apparently there are actual statistics proving that acknowledging what you're grateful for makes you a happier person. I've been reading Creative Mind and Success by Ernest Holmes, and along with a surplus of other beneficial live well information, Holmes explains how your thought life creates your daily life. It's a concept that everyone should utilize. It'd literally change the world. It's really funny, yet more so sad how most seem to think that more money is what will make the world a better place, yet fail to realize that the condition of our society begins and ends with the spiritual condition of its citizens.  photo IMG_2243.jpg
 photo IMG_2239.jpg

Last Thanksgiving I finally discovered what I then thought of as the holy grail that is Gossip Girl. I think I was on Season 3 when this look came together. The whole prep meets a touch of posh was really Blair Waldorf-y in my eyes. I never made it past Season 3 though because when pretty much everyone started hooking up with pretty much everyone, the whole needing to throw up mid episode thing kind of took away from the entertainment factor for me. But the outfits definitely had their inspirational qualities.
 photo IMG_2247.jpg

 photo IMG_2244.jpg

This faux leather accordion skirt is from Forever 21. The length makes it classy yet the wannabe leather kind of juxtaposes that so it is easily one of my favorite pieces. The sheer button down is by Gianni Bini. I really love how their pieces are so classic yet always feature a little edge element to lament the freshness of the line. My favorite thing I wore is this little velvet esque wine colored piece. One of my friends dubbed it my Jimi Hendrix jacket so I call it that now too, but I had originally thought of Carrie Bradshaw when I got it. I'm really into wine lately (the color, I mean) which is rather interesting because it previously reminded me of my grandma's old Volvo.

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