Tuesday, March 19, 2013

spring thing

Is it actually spring yet? Because it kind of feels like summer. In case you have never been to the Antelope Valley (which I am in no way promoting you do so) its more like Death Valley; and although I'm sure I've made that joke before, its actually so true its not very funny; or maybe I'm just not that funny. No, I definitely am.

I was really into this editorial from Nylon mag because it felt right for the season, an ode to spring but not in a stereotypical florals and pastels kind of way. Instead very modern and fresh.
 photo ScannedImage-1.jpg
 I'm wondering if colored hair is going to eventually become so overdone that its kind of disgusting. I feel like thats what happened with ombre hair. Once a commercial hair company starts selling the d.i.y kits I think its safe to say the originality/personal style factor has waned and although it may still look cool, its kind of too mainstream, all the rage to actually pull off organically.

 photo ScannedImage6.jpg photo ScannedImage5.jpg photo ScannedImage4.jpg photo ScannedImage3-1.jpg photo ScannedImage2.jpg

(nylon mag)

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