Friday, May 3, 2013

Furious Florals

Every girl needs a good spring dress, it's kind of an unwritten rule (well until now). With the flowers blooming and the sun beaming joyfully, wearing something light, beautiful, and easy just feels right for the season. It is romantic in this effortless way that is equal parts calming and exciting. Like hoping to elusively meet your Romeo as you pick fresh flowers from lightly swaying, dream like, waist high fields; or something.

I have about two spring dresses right now being that leggings are all I ever wear. But there are some really great ones here, and it's been quite the dilemma trying to choose just one.

This Luella reminescent dress doubles as a skirt because I love how the pleats look at ankle grazing length and also because I am a versatility addicted mix master that tries to squeeze all possiblilites out of every piece I own. My brother said I looked like a bag lady or street person, which I was pretty much cool with. Here, paired with my favorite Spiderman tee, the whole romance thing is kind of non existent but I like to think that my unrelenting love for my beautifully bruised Chuck Taylors make up for it.

 photo SAM_0970.jpg photo SAM_0962.jpg photo SAM_0954.jpg

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