Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hello Hip Hop

 photo SAM_0932.jpg
Soo in the world of fashion this is definitely a fashion faux pas, right? The whole sweats in public thing? But uh..I have an inkling that I may altogether be a fashion faux pas in and of myself, so in reality this look is actually pretty casual. As a hip hop dancer (and Zumba instructor) sweats are a God send, I'm wearing these exact ones right now actually, which may or may not be rather embarrassing, though I don't feel embarrassed so it must not be. They're super comfortable and easy and just feel right. You know how basketball players wear warm ups while on the bench or when they're not playing? Yeah, I'm pretty sure thats what sweats and beanies are for dancers, at least for this one.  photo SAM_0936.jpg
It's interesting how being a part of something can transform you into dressing the part. Like fashion people, dancers, and ironically hipsters tend to fall into a similar dressing pattern in a total subconscious fashion. How does that work? Is this prospect an insight into our inherent need to belong? Although we revel in being individuals, do we still dress similar to those we can relate to in order to create a sense of community? Is there really such thing as a "group" of individuals?

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Purple Ivy said...

Hahahaha, love the punked up hello kitty.