Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Don't Think too Mush

Ever since I moved to San Francisco my style has become a lot more..comfortable. It could be due to dancing becoming a more prominent factor in my life therefore upping my desire for comfort and mobility, although the city's laid back hippe vibe could be playing a role as well. All I wear, pretty much, are leggings. I mean I can write, dance, and sleep in them; talk about functional clothing! I really want more though, trying to decide if the high price of really legit ones is worth it or if I can continue shopping at reasonably priced places and thrift stores and still obtain what I'm looking for. It's worked pretty well so far. photo 489.jpg  photo 493.jpg
These dancer leggings (I think that's their actual title) are from American Apparel. I was so pumped upon receiving these because up until recently American Apparel was solely a wishlist for this poor little rich girl. Being the definition of cheap chic (light on the chic) I just couldn't bring myself to splurge on basics, it had an oxymoron feel to it. But now as a proud owner of these sleek little babies I admit I kinda get the pricing. They're so comfortable, though I sweat a little too hard to actually dance in these, they work for everything else.  photo 490.jpg
You remember this little boy Transformers tee right? Yeah, after a couple of years it's been cut and cropped a bit, and kind of washed into a blithering mess of a garment which of course now makes it perfect. I still get off on the little bling things detailing the face of Optimus Prime, even though a good amount of them have fallen off.

I'm wondering if/when this whole flannel around the waist thing is going to die off for me. It's so weird because I honestly don't remember looking in a mag or blog and being inspired by this styling quirk that has been my almost everyday for months now, but it's kind of everywhere. I kind of think I can just feel trends, which isn't all that great because I'm a little vehemently against them. But this is the billionth time I've been personally feeling a look only to have it pop up all daisy style less than a month later splattered over the fashion world. Hmm..spies..

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