Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fashion, fitness, and of course Zumba

You hear all that screaming? You see all that sweat? Do you feel that bass pulsing through your veins as the music takes over you, mind, body, and soul? Yeah, that's Zumba with Dannie. Yup, that's how we do it! If you live in the 661/818 area, come play ;)
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Fashion and fitness go hand in hand. How else are you going to look ridiculously bomb in that bodycon dress or high waisted mini mini shorts and crop? Well I suppose a healthy helping of self confidence can go a long way but that's besides the point. Aside from looking great on the outside, having a fitness regimine assists in your being all kinds of awesome on the inside too. Being fit improves your mood, your concentration, your body and your skin; those are more than enough reasons, right?

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 Okay so before this starts sounding like an ad for the gym or something, lemme just get to the point. I'm a Zumba instructor, been one for over three years. You know that whole latin inspired dance party fitness craze thing with lots of Pitbull music and neon colored cargo pants? Yeah, that. It's super sic, mostly because I love dancing but also because it's pretty much the best way to burn over 600 calories in an hour while becoming a better dancer and building body confidence. It's literally a party, except the only drinks are water, though I guess it could be vodka, they pretty much look the same. Oh and I guess I should mention I lost over 55lbs doing this Zumba thing, I wrote an article about it actually.
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 If you live in the 661/818 area then peep my classes and have the most ever.

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(photos by noel)

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