Thursday, January 24, 2013


Soo guess what! I finally went to Urban Outfitters, though I hardly lasted ten minutes so I'm not even sure if that counts. Any longer and I think I would've died of horror or begun to have thoughts of terrorism. There were so many trends, it was disgusting. The store should be called "How to be Cool 101" or "Latest Trends". The place is pretty much a how to in young people fashion and I hate it because it negates the meaning of true style which should be cultivated from within.

There were those removable collar things like everywhere and enough peplum and floral denim to plant a garden. Don't get it twisted, I definitely like some of the stuff that's big right now but what irks me is pairing everything together in this formulated manner that creates clothing self conscious clones rather than confident individuals who have fun with fashion and dress for themselves.

There should be no such thing as "the look" or "whats in". The look should be what looks and feels good on the individual wearing it. That's when clothes really look good- when they're an honest apparent extension of the wearer. How can one define whats in style when true style is found in the individual?

Speaking of personally cultivated style, have you heard that Thrift Shop song? It's kinda my theme for the moment.

 photo SAM_0925_zpsd3428248.jpg
 photo SAM_0929_zpsad4fb24f.jpg photo SAM_0924_zpsf928bec6.jpg photo SAM_0927_zps8c83dfb0.jpg photo SAM_0930_zpse01fab9f.jpg
(overalls wal mart/shirt and flannel thrifted/boots f21)

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