Sunday, January 20, 2013

just floral just flannel

I'm pretty sure that flannels are classic. I'm pretty sure that florals are classic, and of course Chuck Taylors are the ultimate epitome of the word so it definitely comes as no surprise that they'd all play so nicely together.

I've realized as of late that I'm not so interested in being the hot girl, I think I kinda digged it back in the day but over time I decided that I never want a guy to find me appealing based on my parts, you know? Because it's kinda gross to be desired for how big of a bum or rack you have, right? And then it's like chicks complain about boys being doggish but they met when she was wearing like a mega mini skirt, a crop top, and six inch stilettos. I mean c'mon, that kind of look doesn't really scream great personality.

So kinda for that reason but I'm also thinking mostly because I've been dancing even more lately and have become increasingly comfort oriented, my style has taken on some mix of girly grunge. Or maybe it's always been that way.

This flannel was probably like $2 or something at a San Fran Goodwill. Flannels are pretty much my favorite thing because they're super versatile, cheap, and classic. The floral dress that I'm wearing backwards because the cutouts wouldn't show the other way is Forever 21 circa 2009. Back when those little floral dresses were all the rage and I hated them, but ended up buying one anyway because I decided that there had to be some hint of coolness in the garment that every chick in my hometown decided was mandatory. I waited until there was one on clearance though because by then it wasn't so disgustingly trendy and it was also like $4.

The dress is super short though and my brother queried that it was actually a tunic (whatever that is) and was meant to be worn with leggings or skinny jeans.That hypothesis really grossed me out so almost four years later I decided that a biggo flannel would smooth things over nicely without having to ever be guilty of wearing pants with a dress or possibly owning a tunic.

Oh and chucks look good with everything, most especially dresses though.

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