Wednesday, July 4, 2012

San Fran Summer

I love Summer and I'm so excited we're currently right dab in the middle! I do have all this anxiety though to make the most of every moment, spend as much time "out" as possible, and to wear lots of flashy, only borderline trashy stuff like barely there shorts and things like sequined tops with minimal fabric that,well, you simply can't get away with as easily in other seasons.

Summer is synonymous with fashion. Some of the best pieces known to man are infinite fashion staples, like halter/tank tops and mini shorts. Dare I say fashion is even at its most fun in the summertime? Yes, indeed I believe it is! Though, living in San Francisco calls for a few alterations..

Summer out here is a little darker, I suppose it has something to do with the barely even sixty degree temperature and the city's signature winds. Nevertheless, I find myself seriously into shorts right now, preferably colored denim and belted, even if I do have to layer them over (sheer) tights.  I've also really been drawn to oversized tees. These two pieces together make like thee bombest couple.

As a whole, despite the shady weather forecast and the fact that I have to layer in July, I've still got the summer spirit! Can I get a whoo hoo?! And it's not actually a bad thing that I can still legitimately rock my beloved ratty beanies and hobo flannels right now without risk of heat stroke.



Jennifer said...

Loving these photos!

xo Jennifer

The Fashion Milkshake said...

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Love your pictures they are a really good inspiration for me :)

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