Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Who Sings Dannie California?

First time on Haight St. since moving to San Fran had me wanting to stop every three steps due to being in awe of everything. As well as mentally jotting down things I wished I had enough time to actually write out in my journal because I kind of forgot most of them soon thereafter. Dripping with originality and culture, I quickly realized Haight was a dream I never really knew existed, an inspiration island to say the least; I can't wait to go back.

Regarding realizations, on this day I found myself stuck between the desire to be both chic and street, and it was nice to confirm that lace and leopard actually play quite nicely together; this awakening added another dimension to the pretty-meets-punky aesthetic of my style. I'm all about experimenting with different prints and fabrics right now; looking at pieces in an unconventional light to put together truly original looks and force out a message in a unique (rather eccentric) way, it is personal style after all, right?

(pretty much everything f21 except chuck taylors)(photo cred:mister koolness brandon)


Bryan said...

wow! i love the cover pic! a few of these actually look like shots out of a magazine!, a well respected good photographer-having magazine. i like the text as well! if it was a whole page i'd still read it, even if I was late for class, lol! i love u - negro

Mom Fashion World said...

How are you, Donnie Doll?
You always rock in that outfit!
Nice leopard jacket.


syd vicious said...

Haight & Ashbury is awesome. I love these pictures! Your outfit is way cute. Lace and leopard print for the win. :)

vintage process said...

Amazing look! I love it!

Joelyne said...

love the black and white piccies! you look fabbb!

Neekoh said...

You totally nailed the pretty-meets-street look. I never would have thought to do it, but you look awesome!


cecylia said...

i LOVE your spieky bracelet and your floral tights!
Come follow my blog hun :)

Angela said...

jolies photos!

Angela Donava

Lucija said...

Great dress, you look beautiful!!


SCISI said...

lace and leopard ace combo:)