Saturday, January 21, 2012


You know when it's like "Geez, I really want to wear this striped top" and then you're like "Geez, I really wanna wear this little leopard coat" and you jokingly think how cool it would be if you could wear them both, and then you actually try and it's like voila wardrobe wizardry? I think that's the funnest part of fashion: the endless combinations one can come up with by just letting loose and truly expressing yourself without a specific point in mind; for me, this organic, free spirited approach has produced some of my most favorite looks.


Later, looking back at what I wore this day to class I couldn't help but think of Edie Sedgwick, not sure why exactly, maybe it's the classic stripes and the faux fancy coat; although hers were probably real; I however could never wear real fur, even if it were an option, which it isn't.
I don't think I'll ever get over black and white stripes, they're so versatile and timeless. I've also been loving this particular shade of blue in my tights for quite some time now, punchy but not overly so. And the little animal print sneakers are really cool because they let me wear them with both dresses and jeans, and even though I wear jeans maybe like once a year, it's comforting to know I have the option.


top express-skirt volcom-tights rave-coat&shoes f21


Damsels said...

would you wear real fur if it were vintage ?

i think edie too when i see that cute leopard jacket

The White List said...

You have got a brilliant blog! Great post too! Very inspired! You're pretty impressive! Looking forward to more posts and have a great weekend!!! :-) :-) :-)

Mr.Gugu Miss Go said...

Nice style :-)

Tessa: said...

Great hair you have!