Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Meet Coconut Morocco, he's my ferocious cheetah head (and paws) ecstatically purchased on Olivera St. back when I resided in sunny Southern Cali. I'm convinced we were meant to be; not only was he priced at a mere 17 bucks, but I feel like he embodies my sense of self; cute and cuddly, yet equally brutal when necessary. I find myself wanting to pop it on whenever I desire a cozy feeling, as well as when I feel grrrish and edgy; despite where I'm headed that day. In a small and possibly weird way I suppose Coconut has become somewhat of a security blanket, a stuffed animal I can carry with me without looking like some kind of regressive weirdling; because yeah, by wearing it on my head instead, I totally avoid that labeling, uh huuh..



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Way too cute! Love this style you've got goin' on.