Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tell Me About It, Stud

This look wasn't intended to channel Sandra D but looking back I can't get the vision of the good girl gone bad, playing with her gum at the school carnival out of my head. I'm more than ready for spring and I think it's going to be an edgy one. Classic liquid leggings mixed with romantic floral give off the exact amount of sweet and sass; perfect for free spirited spring breaks and flirting in the park with randoms whilst laughing incessantly with best friends.
I've really been trying to incorporate denim into my looks more often because of its classic aesthetic, and being that I much prefer leggings as pants more so than jeans, I'm left with getting my fill from jackets and vests. This one, by Heritage 1981, is so classic because the wash is pretty complementary to any colors thrown in with it and I got it a size bigger to expand on the classic feel.
I also have a ton of bright colored and crazily patterned socks and hosiery sitting in my drawer untouched because lately life has been so fast forward that I haven't had time to interject eccentricity. But I told myself I'd wear everything in my closet this year at least once so I've started with these sky blue socks that really remind me of spring as well, or hippies, hmm.. I believe it'll be a good season, what are you going to wear?
(jacket/tube top/socks-f21, leggings- rave, sneakers-wet seal)

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.rapt said...

Love this look! Really fits the Sandra D theme :]