Monday, February 14, 2011

Bright Side of the Moon

This is officially my first San Fran post (yay),and with all the packing, prepping, and praying I've been doing since the move, the only clothing that has appealed to me lately have been effortless, comfort clothes that conveniently double as cat nap attire when I need a break from unpacking boxes.
These metallic leggings are my favorite go to pants when I want to give off the vibe of effort and thought without actually acting on either. Despite their bold hue, they have proven to be really versatile, seamlessly adding umph to any otherwise basic look. This wolf sweat shirt reminded me of those original vintage pieces that you see in magazines, one of those pieces you used to have years ago and regret tossing because you now realize its cool factor a few years too late. It's softness and roomy fit make for a classic, favorite sweat shirt, and the wolf graphic is pretty sic; I actually want to see if I can rock it with a skirt, hmm, stay tuned. Oh and Happy belated Valentine's Day, we'll focus on that amazingness a little later when my room doesn't resemble UPS.
(sweatshirt- jcpenny, leggings- rave, specs/socks/boots- forever 21)


whitney said...

Thank you for the lovely comment :)

I totally agree, love all their latest collections.

Gorgeous outfit! You actually pull off metallic leggings ridiculously well!

maria. said...

:O Gorgeous outfit! omgsh, where is that sweatshirt from?

yuliahurts said...

u look cool:)

Kaitlyn said...

Hey lovely, thanks for the visit & sweet comment! Love your pics, you've a great blog too. Come back anytime :)

x K
-An Aussie girl's fashion musings.

Mary Lee said...

your jumper :o i want it so bad! love your glasses
hope you'll visit/follow

ching said...

ive been seeing loads of wolf shirts lately.. and you rocked that!

DAKOTA said...

I love your blog. I love the style. AWESOME glasses! Dayam!

nikkistyle said...

funky outfit! <3

Anonymous said...

Hey lady,

I'm so glad I saw your blog, your style is such a breath of fresh air. Fun, funky and cute.

Keep rockin it,


syd vicious said...

Aghhh I lurve the sweatshirt! And how've you been?? Looking cute like always I see! ;)

Karoline Kalvø said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, dear.

Love your blog as well. Soooo gorgeous. Now following. Look forward to hearing and seeing more of you.

Love, always.
Karoline Kalvo

parisiennemoonlight said...

what's a jumper ! so orginal

modern viking vixen said...

you look supercute!! love the glasses!

<3mvv {stop by and say hi!}

6roove said...

fantastic sweater!
love your outfits ;) they're always cool!