Wednesday, November 3, 2010


They say it isn't wise mixing business with pleasure, however, if the business at hand is indeed pleasurable, I suppose a double standard comes into play. These shots were taken around a month or so ago by my amazing, super talented, and fiercely fashion frenzied Roxy of the original and always inspirational blog, Hobos in Couture. Work continually ceases to feel like work when in the right company, and we had a great time encapturing the feeling of serenity, free spiritedness, and mystery that has been keeping us consistently inspired throughout the season.

Additionally, sorry x a billi for being all not here and such; school and work have taken complete control of my so called life, along with a two day Halloween celebration that banged but resulted in the lost of my all-time favorite jacket (seriously) and a birthday that is such a blessing yet has left me feeling a little anxious since its arrival. The time is now and all mediocre excuses and unwarranted delays are futile. Honestly I could go on forever, my life has been quite the ride as of late, and I keep forgetting to wear my seat belt.

(pretty much all pieces are f21)


daisychain said...

you just get better and better doll x

duckalicious said...

great photos! the one with you laying on the grass is my fave.

Is This Real Life? said...

Love the styling such fab photos!

christina said...

Wow I love all these pieces! The cutout dress is definitely a favorite xxx