Monday, October 25, 2010



( sunnies wet seal, cotton tee f21, jewel encrusted belt rave, boots payless)

..last of summer's looks (I think)

As aforementioned, the whole barely-there shorts and roomy tee thing seriously became summer's unofficial uniform. I believe this look manifested from sweltering, triple digit temperatures, and the mandatory need to reveal as much skin as possible in hopes of avoiding heat stroke whilst walking to my car.

Finally now though, the heat waves have crashed and burned and it seems as though the only time microscopic shorts will come into play within the next few months is with at least a couple layers of tights. However though, these butterfly imprinted cowboy boots may have to make a few more appearences. Being that I've worn them a total of maybe three times since they were purchased three years ago, I was awestruck at how many compliments I recieved on them while marching around restlessly at work, trying not to count the minutes till I clocked out.


(zebra tank& sunnies f21, shorts wet seal cut offs, timberland boots, jewelry random boutiques)


helena said...

Love this outfit!

Britty said...

oh goodness those boots are awesome!

duckalicious said...

are you saying that you've been having summer over there up to now? damn, I'm jealous!

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jamie-lee said...

I think I'm going to be rocking looks like this on my weekends, loving it darling x

ronelworld said...

cool boots

ronelM said...

lovely outfit

ediot said...

hi darling! thanks for stopping by.
ah i want to be where you are. i want to be able to go without leggings outside.. its getting colder and colder..
hope youre having a good week
take care

Catarina said...

Love this outfit, especially with the tan boots.
Thanks for the comment.
Great blog!

alannah. said...

the plain white tee looks great against the denim!x