Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So Easy When it's Breezy

Classic, comfy, and cohesive; Fall doesn't get much more effortlessly excellent than pajama reminiscent legwear and inherently cool head gear. When I don't feel like emphasizing my chic factor, and thinking about what to wear inappropriately feels like a quiz, leggings and beanies are two pieces that consistently deliver.


Ever since the Southern California heat waves made way to a much lower temperature, variations of a roomy tee and (sometimes layered) leggings have reached daily uniform status. They are definite fall staples; and being that my favorite section of Forever 21 had various styles of my favorite jean alternative for under five dollars, it's not surprising that I went a little overboard and have added at least ten new pairs to my collection.


(everything f21 except beanie $1 store)


mica said...

wow! 10 new pairs of jeans-like leggings! i want too >.^

did u check out Rakuten's leggings section? they've got really pretty japanese-styled leggings, u shld check it out!

here's the link to Rakuten's leggings section:

happy browsing :D

love, mica

Eule said...

nice look

mica said...

hi dear, i neva really mixed nail colours; the most i've done is to paint a plain colour, den add glittery nail polish on top of that. i've also tried colouring my nails in alternate matching colours, which turned out quite gd.

and yes!! they do have hello kitty in that fluffy pillow, and bedroom slippers too.

here's the links!
happy shopping =)

hello kitty bedroom slippers ---->

hello kitty fluffy cushion ------>

love, mica

Miss Woody said...


Lee Oliveira said...

Hello Kitty tee always makes me smile..
Gorgeous photos

WM said...

amazing outfit!


Panda said...

Your so hot, jesus christ! Amazing jeggings, and that beanie is so awesome. I love your style! Thanks for your lovely comment (as usual :P) I just did a new post with some photography, you might like it? Panda xo