Friday, October 15, 2010

It's All in Your Head

As everybody knows, a hat can completely make an outfit. When you're feeling ferocious, edgy, or a little on the mysterious side, donning a fashion staple Fedora instantly finishes your look. On days when an easy flannel, a v neck, and a comfy pair of skinnies are all you want to wear, a sleek, effortless fedora finishes the look with class.


1001 Fedora Hats is a hat company, specializing in fedoras (as well as Panama Hats) that are more than aware of the powerful role such a must have accessory plays in style. Shipping in both the US and Canada, 1001 hats have more than enough lusty, chic, and classic pieces to meet all of this seasons' perfect head accessory needs.

When discovering 1001 Fedora Hats, I was instantly sold on their leopard print, black lined fedora, because it fits naturally as the classic and chic way to dress up any jean or leggings accompanied look. Also, being that my head runs a little on the larger side, it was great to see that 1001 Fedora Hats have a men's section, as well as unisex and kids. Remembering versatile hats that transcend from day to night are a must, 1001 Fedora Hats provide a vast, sleek, and impressive selection that can make for an easy and exciting shopping venture.



mica said...

nice jumpsuit! love the colour and the sequinned portions :D

im not a hats person; i absolutely look weird in them, not sure y!!!

p.s. i did paint my own nails :) i've this insatiable obsession for nail polishes, love to change my nail colour ever so often, and almost always makes sure that my nails are coloured! i guess its something im passionate abt, so i try to make it as perfect as i can. i can get really serious when i'm painting my nails... laughs.

love, mica

Behind The Seams said...

love the hat!

Britty said...

hey looking good love that jumpsuit and hat

helena said...


Mademoiselle Marie said...

you are cool ! i love your hat !!


Anonymous said...

you look adorable


Panda said...

You look so rad in that jumpsuit! beautiful!

Oh, and the big news has just been announced in my new post! & Thanks for you ultra sweet comment! Panda xo

jamie-lee said...

I fully agree, I love how a hat can transform your look. Love the bowler hat on you,it looks darling x

Lee Oliveira said...

Loving this jumpsuit on you. and the hat details is amazing
I love a hat myself.. and I adore when I see on girls too.
ps. (tmrw i will be posting a girl wearing also a hat)

Aissata said...

love your hat. cute blog

November Grey said...

OH, I just love jumpsuits. And hats. My kind of outfit.


November Grey

Dylana Suarez said...

Your hat is amazing!

Carolina Krews said...

Love this jumpsuit..



ediot said...

hi lovely! thanks for stopping by me- and for voting ;) thanks ;)
i LOVE hats too- i need more
hope youre having a wonderful week lovely

KANI said...

oh i love your hat! i love the feather on it:) and i love hats/anything on my head as well :)

ps i don't own a hooded cape but i was planning on making one this summer! hehehe

Miss Woody said...

great blog!! love