Monday, November 8, 2010


My hair looks asleep in these photos, hmm..

Anywho, I was attracted to this soft and cavity inducing sweater when upon viewing it, I immediately envisioned an off duty ballerina. Thinking back, I suppose I should've went for a small rather than a medium, but sometimes over sized pieces are better, evidently however, not always. Adversely though, the horizontal glitter stripes serve as an awesome consolation.

This kind-of-like-a-tutu skirt was a four dollar purchase that I've been trying to get use out of but am having a hard time with the excessive pleating that seems to create curves where curves are unwanted, ah well. I was super excited to pull out my glittery, princess pumps though. Being that the shoe itself is pretty much a glitter stick with a heel, most would assume they'd never get worn; but then you meet me and pretty much every assumption you've ever had jumps out the window.

(leopard bag gifted, sweater f21, skirt rave, shoes gifted by, )


behindblueeyes said...

you look so cute!
lovely white tights and skirt

mica said...

love that pink cardigan! absolute sweetness =D

love, mica

thesydneygirl said...

gooorgeous ;) mwa

Amalina said...

Hi Dannie! Thanks for leaving a comment on my page! And yes, I live in Singapore - it's summer all year round! :( definitely too warm for beanies...but they're so cute. Anyway I love your leopard backpack, it's adorable. And those glitter shoes...although they're not red, they remind me of dorothy's from wizard of oz - cute!

{ I V Y } said...

this look is so cute! i love the girlyness of it. the bag which i really want and cardigan are super adorable!

vindushi said...

ohh my good ! beautifull!

freesia said...


Gunilla said...

Love the skirt paired with the pink shirt!! ;)