Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I just love the feeling of summer, the season embodies a wild, carefree, and effortlessly fierce attitude that makes the sweltering heat it bears so much more than worth it. Perfect mini dresses with hemlines much shorter than hemlines should ever be, super hot heels that instantly step up any look, and wild, untamed tresses that exude free spiritness. Sigh..sooo excited for the crazy, unforgettable adventures of summer.


Yes, this is my natural hair, finally right? It feels rather liberating to rock my mane, I haven't in literally years. I get so many comments/questions about my hairstyles etc. because they change almost as much as my outfits do. I've been promising to do a post dedicated to it for a while now and I will, soon, so if you have any specific questions let me know.


I received my pretty, pretty princess heels from one of CSN Store's two hundred online shops. I love the glitter infestation going on and they look perfect without socks or even with mismatched ones as I randomly wore here, easily allowing them to go from day to night. CSN also has some beautiful bathroom vanities right now, thinking I might need one to add to my new princess collection. Photobucket
And oh, oh; I have Formspring.me now. Being that there's a comment box at the end of each post and I have Twitter, I must say I don't totally get the point but it seems like fun so drop me a line.


Ashley said...

That dress is sooo cute! And those heels are just the best! Ah, love the sparkles!


Damsels said...

ooo ilove these socks .. so daring !

also love those shoes

Anonymous said...

Fab, those shoes are to freakin cute!

-Thanks for the great comment, LA thrifting sounds fun, I believe I still have your #...

Melai said...


you have style variety and your brave to play with colors and details. fierce girl!

thanks for dropping by my site :) I appreciate it :)

Style and Soul

trixiebaby said...

Hot! I love the combination of the shoes and socks! You have gorgeous legs!

lula said...

Dannie, thanks so much for the comment, means a lot ;) your blog is very nice and you're just BANGIN'! wish I had hair like that.
It's wicked that you're a Journalism Major, I've recently switched from Litt., to Communication, Broadcasting and Journalism, looking for more excitement haha.

Kiss kiss bang bang

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Those look GREATTT ON UUUUU!!!! I wish I could pull big shades...lol

Nora A. said...

thanks :)
wooow, short dresss. but you can show your legs ;)

Anonymous said...

Really love those pretty sparkly heels! ^^

IP Lawyers Melbourne said...

Nice sunglasses like your hair too..

Kaye said...

I love your hair! It's so gorgeous. I'm also quite jealous of your shoes :]

ediot said...

hi darling. thanks for stopping by! hope youre having a wonderful weekend. take care

xxx ediot

Natalia said...

awesome photos!!
u look so sexy!!!
+like the socks--they make the outfit somekind girly!!!

Nuheila said...

Your shoes are absolutely crazy-LOVE them!!!
Great outfit,you look fabulous!


Yaryy said...

amazing photos beauty..i loved them all
and those shoes are amazing! ohh and your hair is stunnnig.

unstoppablestyle said...

i love your quirky scene/emo/punky style. i literally rejoiced when i came across your darling blog, because i dress the same way. :)