Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's like a Cocktail but Fashiony

The following looks range from 2008 to last year. No, I haven't been naked the past few weeks (although the already sweltering weather has spawned some serious wishful thinking) but I'm working so much that outfit posts have been few and far between, as in pretty much non exsistent.


And I know I'm being a crap created blogger right now but geez, I'm maad tired and I juuust can't bear to list the various details of these looks, so if you want to know, just say the word(s).

On the cooler side of the pillow, I fiiinaaaaaallly got my Acne wedges! Well, kinda; the whole paying hundreds of dollars for well, most things, is not really my steez, so when I spotted these knockiin' knockoffs at Forever 21 today, well it was awesomeness in shoe form, straight up! Photobucket

P.S: I haven't seen Sex and the City 2 yet but I keep hearing it's lamesauce, say it isn't so!


Anonymous said...

Loving this.. Especially the skirt.. Those boots are fabulous..!!!!

Anonymous said...

amazing wedges!!! When are you going to do a post about your hair? It changes so much :)


Dannie said...

im def. gonna post about my hair sooon, its the number one comment i get, haha

Hayley Golightly Style said...

Lovee the skirt in the first picture! Too cute! :)

Damsels said...

definitely will pass on teh movie .
i will watch it on HBO.

i lvoe al lthe brightness in your outfits

E said...

You have such fun outfits! I haven't seen the movie yet, but I might have to ;)

Rockhampton Lawyers said...

Love the first outfit most. Really flesh