Sunday, June 13, 2010

No More Homework, No More Books

I've been longing for the perfect pair of denim shorts for quite some time now; an even, classic wash, a length short enough to be both cute and kinda sexy but avoids the appearance of being half naked when sitting down, and a comfy yet structured fit that will keep you reaching for them all summer long whether you feel like hotting it up or just strolling on the sunlit sands. However, due to my inability to spend more than say, twelve dollars, on a yard of denim; I took it upon myself to snip off a pair of old bootcut jeans and was suddenly left with a makeshift pair of shorts that are maaad uneven but will totally do until I'm able to put my cheapness on hold long enough to purchase my dream pair.


Although I'm usually all for bright colors, eclectic pairings, and bold accessories, it's surprisingly refreshing to dress down, or in other words, regular. A simple white polo and classic Chuck Taylors clearly exemplified the elsewhere focus of my thoughts and feelings that were taken over by Finals Week. To don my usual eccentric, unconventional parings would have been no more than a facade of joy and free spiritness that in truth were momentarily yet intensely replaced with incessant studying on subjects I don't care about, writing eight page research papers on things I'll never again discuss, and memorizing thousands of definitions and formulas that immediately fled my mind the moment the last bubble on the Scan Tron was filled in. Nevertheless, I had to give a shout out to my true self by rocking my colorful, comic book Chucks, they're indeed my favorite pair.


(bandanna- $1 store, specs- f21, red varsity zip up- betty blue, white polo- arizona, denims- wet seal, comic book chuck taylors)



i like denim short

ediot said...

hi darling,thanks for stopping by. i really like your shoes and the denim shorts are a great fit
wish you a wonderful midweek

xx ediot

Bryan said...

LOL!"...was suddenly left with a makeshift pair of shorts that are maaad uneven..." I actually laughed out loud! lol im glad u r comfortable dressing simply, its nice isnt it! i like the look though, basic, basic, basic, and then BAM! colorful shoes! id do the same, and i will as soon as I get that "YOUNG MULA BAAAYBEH!" *WEEZY SAMPLE*

Sharnae Nicole said...

Loves the hair!