Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Some Like it Hot


Lately I've been experimenting with lip color; being that I don't usually wear makeup, the extra element of confidence and sex appeal that lipstick adds to a look was previously unknown to me. I now easily see why it plays such a big role in fashion; not only does it amp up the visual appeal of a look with drama and intrigue, but man, something about it just makes you feel hot, and that's definitely one of my favorite feelings.


b.entrance said...

I love the lipstick, it's like a perfect accessory for a casual outfit!
Love this outfit!

Indy said...

Girl, you look hot! I love the lipstick color, and your bandanna is awesome, too!

princesspolitico said...

ooooo! how "sandra dee" of you! you've really captured the rockabilly aesthetic :)


Anonymous said...

i love wearing lipstick, my next thing i want to try is deep purple lipstick

MizzJ said...

Ooh you look so badass in this outfit!