Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oh Pretty Baby, Theres Nothing That I Wouldn't Do

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(rave button up, hot topic tutu, vintage jacket, tights and sunnies)

The answer is no, I haven't fallen off the planet, well not completely anyway. It seems as though life is moving faster than ever, and lately, fashion seems to be the only thing that brings me solace, allowing me to exasperate the emotion of my soul through clothing.

It is times like these, of too short days and even shorter nights, that I find myself reaching for the most abstract of clothing, in the most neutral of colors, made in the most comfortable of fabrics, skipping the hairbrush, and reaching for my darkest pair of sunnies, hoping to go unnoticed but subconsciously coaxing the opposite.

Grunge is clearly my default style, its effortlessness and low maintenance entice me, especially on days when I don't feel like trying. I love the idea of wearing something you don't have to think about looking perfect in, yet managing to achieve it anyway. Not to mention, messy hair, shredded tights, and classic Chuck Taylors basically equal unquestionable coolness.


daisychain said...

love the outfit, your tights are great.

jessica whitley said...

love the skirt, i'm passing on the beautiful blogger award to you :)


Damsels said...

i like the cute tughts and skirt with the chuck taylors is defintely a feminine grungy look

bryna said...

love the earrings and tights.

Indy said...

I love that gauntlet...and the Chucks are usual!