Thursday, March 25, 2010

Periodic Picture Book




periodically: never hide is the motto, la is where the heart lies, i just cut one of my tees like the one jessica stam is wearing, i feel like a tourist when i take pictures of la buildings but geez, i cant help it, im still salivating over hard core boots, and geeez, im currently so tired that i'm dizzy...buenos nachos before i doze off and this never gets published ;)


Talia said...

really great tshirt ;)

mom & son said...

I wanna look like a rockstar like you.
The editorials are awesome. I want that lace pants!

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey Dannie :)

Love these risky and "in YO face!" fashions.......they're all BOLD. Bold is good. Cute shirt...I like that you know what looks good on you :)

ediot said...

what an great look youre sporting! and about ray ban-- i do need a pair of originals soon. wayfarers that be..
hope youre having an great week so far
ps thanks for that sweet comment!
xx ediot

Dubai's it girl said...

I love your look and your blog. You write extremely well, and your mottos are worth getting on the computer and visiting you blog everyday to read the next one! I will definately follow your blog:)

Tc, Nia B

The Fashion Bloggess said...

wow love this post so much! just like everyother! LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCHHHH! such an inspiration! Am bookmarking you right now! Hope you can stop by mine sometime!


Anonymous said...

I love the Ray Bans AD, super cool, I have a thing for black and white raw images right now... It's a sickness lol!


jessica whitley said...

God i love jessica stam! shes so gorgeous.
loooove your shirt btw! your style rokks :)

Bijou's Style said...

love ray-bans!

cute post


Silvia Couture said...

I always feel like a tourist with my camera!! who cares they came out great ! Esp the one with the fountain!


Walk The Sand said...

Awesome tee... and I LOVE Jessica's topknot hairdo.

Urooba said...

WOOHOO, love these photos!

And your shoes!

Thanks for dropping by! :) said...

love the post !