Monday, March 29, 2010

Cobwebs N Converse


Thee specs, thee Spiderman tee, and these thigh highs (that I wore 3x in a row, are so perfect and bangin') and from Downtown LA. The grey jumper is from Forever 21's Heritage line; I love the soft, breezy, relaxed feel of their clothes! Lastly, of course, rocking thee red Chuck Taylors that easily get thee Dannie Doll award for best flippin' sneakers in all the land.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, mine was amazing in the purest form of the word; my world has officially changed for the better and I'm more excited than ever before about the future :)


mom & son said...

Darling, we have the same Chucks...
same color and style!

Oh, you rock in this outfit again!

Maggie ☮ said...

lol Im actually seriously wearing the Grey dress from heritage right now with a sweater just like that! hahaha well its a black sweater ...that's pretty funny! lol

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey Dannie :)

I'm lovin' those knees and those My weekend was full of movies ; Wild things & Avatar...and chicken tacos.

Have a fab day.

princesspolitico said...

aaaww! it's great to hear that you're having such a fantastic week :) i'm excited to hear about what you're planning on for the future!

you're killing it in those cobweb tights! i must find a way to incorporate a similar style in my wardrobe.