Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fuuur Sure

The fur is flying and I'm loving every moment of it! Fashion has gone soft and the trend is so versatile, it seems to have something for everyone! Whether you're interested in the boho, hippie vibe or the more sophisticated, glamorous look; this trend has a fur for you. I must tell you that Forever 21 currently has the best selection (for the best prices) of faux fur pieces, including the Kate Hudson a la Almost Famous esque furry vest.

My collection of fur frenzied pieces is pretty small, consisting of only a cheetah/leopard mini cape and a white, faux fur coat that could really benefit from a good dry clean. I'm not too sure on how I'm going to style the cape though, suggestions?

I am so happy Opening Ceremony decided to hype Where the Wild Things Are because I love its whimsical, dream like, eccentricities. Not to mention, I really want that furry jumpsuit, how fun and relaxing would that be once the weather begins to froth, to feel like a human teddy bear! In addition, not remembering the summary of Where the Wild Things Are book, I've been very curious as to how successful the movie is, have you checked it out yet?

edit: I'm a vegetarian and animal lover and only rock my furs faux style, it's the only way!








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Anonymous said...

love fur too

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

make sure its faux fur! the pain that an animal suffers in order for you to follow a fashion trend is inhumae and selfish. faux all the way.. no one has to hurt to look good :)

Jeni said...

Hey again, I just added your link my blogroll, thanks again!

I love that cape of yours, i normally wear capes with a plain dress, but you could definitely rock it over a black vest top and some short shorts!

loving all the photos in this post, I should treat myself to a fur jacket too :)

Ediot said...

i love animal costumes. and if/when i get a baby i will most definitely dress he/she up in clothing that has a tail and animal ears on them. and also i want to dress up soon in a similar style.. so much fun. about fur- i cant say i like it that much.

Runway Reviews said...

fur is hot trend, it's wearable with dark palette and so comfortable for winter!!

duckalicious said...

hey fellow vegetarian, just droppin by to show some love :)

anna bu said...

yap everyone needs a furcoat for winter. :)
but i would only wear fake fur.
i bought a coat at h& cosy :)