Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cropped Concepts

I love when a certain look makes you feel different; when slipping on a specific pair of jeans or that one top instantly changes or enhances your mood, bringing out a side of you that isn't consistently apparent on an everyday basis. I suppose one could refer to this as "dressing for your mood" but I'm speaking on a more intense level, I'd almost associate it with playing "dress up" or wearing a costume.

Cropped tops have been everywhere for at least the past five months or so, and while the trend gradually makes its way into remission due to decreasing temperatures, I'll think fondly on the piece that easily allows one to be sexy while avoiding overexposure; and stops conveniently right above the hips, providing just enough coverage for those who aren't exactly equipped with abs of steel.

Denim boyfriend shorts are another summer staple I may truly miss as we transition into fall. Who doesn't love a jean that provides one with comfortability so great you almost feel as if you're wearing nothing? Isn't comfort and easy wearability what jeans are all about anyway? I am left to wonder, however, how many people actually felt the need to spend a large sum of money to create a look that can be easily emulated by borrowing the jeans of a brother or actual boyfriend. My boyfriend shorts were actually originally flare legged. However, they became much roomier over time, leaving behind unattractive sag. Conveniently though, it wound up being the perfect opportunity for a much needed D.I.Y.



(sunnies- palmdale swap meet, cropped top- vintage, jeans- arizona, boots- timbs, bangle- world market, peace bracelet- venice beach, floral scarf- rave, earrings- hot topic/ella bella)


daisychain said...

oh man, you rock this to perfection.

Fashion&Such said...

your look is amazing!!!!
any other girl wearing this would look like a boy, but you look gorgeous!!

rosie said...

you are so rocking it! love your devilmaycare attitude in the photos.

also, THANKS for visiting my new blog. appreciate it!

wanna swap blog links? :-)

jessica whitley said...

cute photos! i love your outfit


agatiszka said...

Great hair!!

Yamila said...

Your look is Sooo cool!
Loved, loved! I loved your blog

Have a great day. XOXO

La Chauve-Souris said...

love the look

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Love your look! Great how you DIYed the denim shorts!

Madame said...

Are those boots Timberland? I don't think there is any one else who makes them look so cool... Way to go!