Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dress to Express

Japanese street fashion inspires me in a way other street fashion cultures just simply cannot. Upon viewing tulle-upon-color-upon-graphic-upon endless accessories, my inner anime girl is unleashed and I'm suddenly overcome with a euphoria that one can only experience by playing dress up, letting your creative juices flow, and allowing your imagination to run wild.
Japanese street fashion is so eccentric, unique, and fun;
it's more about expressing yourself and your spirit rather than being perfectly chic and pulled together.
Regardless of what the piece may be, get dressed with your heart and you can pull off anything! Embody the look, don't allow it to embody you.
Fashion is supposed to be fun, step into your closet
and let your imagination soar!
...and speaking of Japan, Julie has a great blog about living in Japan, its culture, fashion, and even gourmet; so happy to have made an overseas friend, maybe I won't have to live on the streets of Tokyo afterall when I spontaneously hop on a boat and head to which is increasingly becoming my land of dreams...
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thesydneygirl said...

i really like that they wear lots of colours! bright and happy. x

lerx said...

gotta love them asians.

daisychain said...

Love how carefree they are!

Nika said...

that second photo is fabu!

SCISI said...

i kniow exactly what you mean,tokyo girls are super rad:)
cool images i love all the hair:)xx

katie d said...

i wish I could dress half as cool as any of them. Yowz!


Marina said...

awee these are so cool!
I love asian street style! :)

thesydneygirl said...

aww thank you sweetheart!!!
any cool japanese street style sites to look at? xxx

Julie said...

Thanks!! I love your new hair, too. The red really stands out and makes you look fierce and sexy but still cute because if your smile and clothes!

Come to Japan and you can TOTALLY stay with me. I will take you to crazy places all over Japan and you will have an awesome time.
Seriously, come for even just a short visit! Buy a Japan rail pass and get over here! I'll recommend all the good stuff I don't post on my blog and I'll introduce you to my friends. yayyy!