Wednesday, January 7, 2009

meet mildred

This is Mildred but she prefers to be called Milly. She loves to read old Harlequinn romance novels and imagine herself as the damsel in distresss being resuced from a handsome, muscle bound prince. Pink is her favorite color and she goes mad for plaid. Mildred loves to play checkers on the weekends with the elderly at the senior center in her town. Her favorite food is split pea soup, rye bread and vitamin D whole milk. When Mildred isn't working on calculus homework or tutoring elementary kids after school, you can usually find her on her EMachine desktop computer playing World of War Craft for hours on end. On their one year anniversary, Milly's boyfriend Edward bought her a dress he thought she would like. Milly loved the dress and decided to take a picture of herself in it for Edward but she was too shy to ask anyone to take her picture so she was stuck taking it herself in the school bathroom, where no one could see her. Much to her surprise, it was a lot of fun.Photobucket
(all items from LA Fashion District)


lizbeth said...

Haha, this is precious <3

sarah said...

cool glasses x